My fascination with painting utilitarian objects began with the linens my grandmother Agnes created long ago.These handmade tablecloths, towels, napkins and pillowcases were never meant to be actually used, only looked upon and gazed at with admiration. My grandmother fastidiously hand embroidered each article. She then starched, ironed and folded them into crisp piles that spoke of extravagance she must have longed for and was determined to achieve with every stitch. I became aware early on that objects possessed meaning well beyond their intended purpose. History is woven into the well used artifact and interpretation is malleable.

As a painter I use these material objects as a jumping off point to capture what is unsaid and implied.  I mold them into new configurations in order to create a vista that invokes an array of perspectives beyond the object's initial intention.  I have chosen the most tangible and mundane to serve as agents of the elusive and abstract.

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