Surface Consumption:  This series continues my exploration into the three dimensional possibilities of the painting surface. While making this series, I thought a lot about the divisions in the world today.  I wanted to make paintings that bring together juxtaposing materials, processes and forms. It was important to try new things and be as diverse as possible.  Through painting, I wish to convey how opposing elements and ideas can come together.

Brief Synopsis:

My paintings and wall sculptures explore the nature and fragility of the superficial layer.  Using silk organza as my canvas, the paintings present the surface for what it is, a dubious facade wrought with hidden elements.  The sculptural work removes the silk canvas from the stretcher bars and places it in the context of experiential space. Each work reveals its infrastructure, conceding how it was made. I am interested in how space is inhabited and choose materials that facilitate this.  Silk enables me to experiment spatially while using it symbolically as a facade-like structure.  It is deceptively strong, holds shape and pigment, yet allows for shadow and light to play a role in the work.   The process of making is intentionally slowed by stitching thread into the silk canvas, thereby penetrating the work’s surface and the hidden layers behind.  Constructed geometric shapes are incorporated into the paintings offsetting the delicate with the bold, the ethereal with the solid. In the studio, I explore shapes and invent forms that combine random patterns found in nature with the human inclination for order and symmetry.  With each piece, I investigate the reliance on surface appearances while exploring what lies beyond, continually playing with the elements that constitute painting. 

Since 2006, my work has been exhibited throughout the United States at venues such as the ​Bellevue Arts Museum​ (WA), the ​Lower Manhattan Cultural Council​ (NY), the ​Brooklyn Arts Council​ (NY) and the ​Weatherspoon Museum​ (NC), among others.  In addition, I have worked with galleries including Ascent Contemporary (NY), Project 4 (DC), BravinLee Projects (NY) and JoAnne Artman (LA).  My work has been reviewed in ​​The New York Times​, ​​The Boston Globe​ and ​​Sculpture Magazine.​  I have created site-responsive installations at the ​Cornell Fine Arts Museum​ (FL), the ​Center for Maine Contemporary Art​ (ME), ​Lehman College Art Gallery​ (NY) and the Target Gallery at the Torpedo Factory (VA).  In 2016, I was awarded the New Media Invitational from the Target Gallery.  I was also a Joan Mitchell semi-finalist.  My work was recently included in the exhibition,​ "Materiality:  The Matter of Matter", curated by Bethany Engstrom,  at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (ME). 
My Language is Your Language, #1, detail, 2018; (c) Lisa M Kellner
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