In these oil paintings on gessoed paper, I am painting landscape-like memorials to a particular era in a person's life.  I begin with objects burdened with age and use.  These objects form a visual topography; one that transcends their original purpose and the memories these objects invoke.  

With these works on paper, the forms are abstracted and my focus became the interaction of shapes and brushstrokes. My intent is to create a lyrical space that reanimates the idea of place and the people who lived there.

For Antarctica 1969, I drew upon an artifact I have from my father, an american flag he acquired on an excursion to Antarctica.  The flag is faded and tattered but represents an individual who was intelligent and tenacious, an explorer at heart.  My father's goal was to realize the American dream, sometimes to the detriment of everything else.  These paintings are a portrait of him.

Please also see the 2014 series, Copenhagen 1940:
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