Painting in Space....

Rooted in the language of decay, erosion and disease, my Site Responsive installations merge intricate microcosms with immense topographies. These works use the imagery of diseased cellular activity to directly respond to the space in which they are installed.  The natural elements of water, air and sun (heat) are my means of achieving form.  I hand form, paint and sew together thousands of organic shapes out of silk organza creating a structure that operates both as environmental sculpture and a three dimensional painting in space. 

Silk performs similar to a layer of epidermis. It is translucent, yet deceptively strong.  Silk maintains the shape of organ-like structures while operating symbolically as a facade.   Because the original objects are removed, light and shadow are able to penetrate through the sculptured shell of silk.  These works are not dyed.  Rather, they go through a lengthy process in which raw pigment, ink, acrylic, bleach and compost are applied until the intended painterly effect is achieved.  Merging solid and ethereal constructions allows for notions of place and landscape in a rapidly shifting environment to be explored.

At the conclusion of an installation, the materials are brought back to a raw state and incorporated into the next project.  The silk acquires added patina that informs the forthcoming piece.  The only remaining artifacts are the photographs I take.   
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